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We had the most wonderful experience adopting our beautiful fur babies Kudlow and Kennedy. Our puppies are incredible! Everyone who meets the puppies are amazed how sweet and well behaved they are and that is 100% due to the hard work of the loving crew at Louis Litters. The puppies were already crate trained and slept through the night the very first night. They were so easy to potty train once we brought them home because Suzy had already had them well on their way. The puppies are so great with our young grandchildren which is such a blessing. We highly recommend Louis Litters because they are just wonderful to work with. It’s so sweet that they still check in and love our updates on how the pups are doing. At the end of 2023 we lost our older doxies back to back. It was just heartbreaking. Having Kudlow and Kennedy have refilled our hearts with joy. We can’t thank Louis Litters enough!




I came across Ms Suzy on Good Dog and I had a pleasant experience with her and I am more than happy with our fur baby that we brought home! The whole process of getting a puppy through an online breeder was new to me. I inquired and had many questions, but Suzy was very responsive and patient and answered all my questions/concerns. On our gotcha day, she provided well organized paperwork as well as food and supplies that we needed early on to get us started. I’m overjoyed that I found a breeder that is reputable as well as very loving towards their pups, so thank you so much Louis Litters for a great experience! Highly recommend them if you are in search for the perfect fur baby! 🐶🐾




We adopted our sweet boy Miles from Louis Litters. He is happy, healthy, and very smart. Suzy is amazing! She truly loves her puppies and wants the best for them. Our sweet boy was well on his way to being potty trained and had experience with being crated. Suzy provided us with everything we’d need to make his transition to our home smooth. She goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Louis Litters.




HANDS DOWN THE BEST! We not only came home with one sweet baby but TWO! They instantly fit right in with our family the second we got our hands on them. They are so loving and very well socialized yet still have there own personalities. I can honestly say. I have never experienced anything like the love these puppies give. ❤️ we were sent home with treats, food and all the important info needed to properly care for these babies. Needless to say- I’m a “for lifer”. These babies have changed our life so much already. Merry Christmas!




i adopted my boy “pinto bean” through Louis Litters and i couldn’t be happier with my experience! sending anyone who loves doxies straight to miss suzy, she is beyond helpful and is such an amazing person.
you can really tell they are socialized early with how much my little baby loves everyone he meets! he is so eager to learn and so adorable i never want to leave his side. he has the same markings as my first dog growing up and he means everything to me!




We had a wonderful experience with the adoption process with Louis Litters and Good Dog!! There are so many scammers out there and Louis Litters through Good Dog does it the honest way, through a secure process with multiple save guards that protect the buyer!! It was a comforting feeling knowing we were dealing with reputable folks!! We love our baby girl and she fit right in with our family! She is healthy, super smart and simply adorable! Thank you Louis Litters and Good Dog!! ❤️❤️🐾🐾




We adopted Frank in Jan 2024 and he is absolutely wonderful! He has a perfect personality. We received everything he needed plus he was already started on most of his vaccinations. I flew from Denver to Arkansas to pick him up and the process of planning to pick him up was very easy. I hope to adopt another puppy in the future!




I highly encourage and recommend anyone looking for a wonderful family addition to work with Louis Litters to find your perfect pet. There operation is professional and very personable. Our Bella is perfect and I'm so thankful.




Thank you Louis Litters for such a wonderful experience receiving my Dasher Lee! You are truly a Special Breeder that goes above and beyond for your dachshund litters. The process with Louis Litters through Good Dog is such a secure process that protects you as a buyer. I was skeptical to purchase my fur baby on line but let me tell you this was the best experience I ever had. After you fill out the application she gets in touch with you, sends you pictures of your fur baby that you choose, a video and has several ways to pick up your forever friend. My Dasher Lee is so special to me, when my Sammie passed away (dachshund) I was totally devastated. I was not sure if I wanted to get another fur baby. Then I saw Dasher Lee on line through Good Dog/Louis Litters and knew he was for me. I can’t thank Louis Litters enough for filling my heart with LOVE again. If you are looking for your Forever Friend I Recommend Louis Litters you will not be disappointed…❤️🐶🐾❤️




We had an amazing experience adopting our beautiful, sweet puppy from Louis Litters. They traveled with the puppy and safely got her to us in Georgia. Our puppy has a perfect temperament and you can tell she was loved. She was even already being potty trained. Definitely recommend if you are looking to add a fur baby to your family.




My boyfriend and I had an *excellent* experience adopting our puppy from Louis Litters. We adopted a cream female dachshund as a buddy for the 9 month old dachshund we got from a different breeder. It was immediately clear to us how much better care was taken of her than our first pup- she was SO confident, healthy, and half potty trained at 8 weeks when we picked her up! Suzy continued following up to make sure she was ok, and clearly goes above and beyond to make sure her puppies go to a great home. Can’t recommend Louis Litters enough!




I got my sweet boy banks from Louis Litters and I couldn’t be happier! I was able to FaceTime and got multiple pictures of my sweet boy before I got to take him home. You can tell they really love and take great care of these puppies! We still stay in contact and they check in on him! I HIGHLY recommend them when searching for your fur baby. They were amazing :)



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